Impact Journey with Julia S

A small fish in a big pool - Joanne Sprague, Facebook

Episode Summary

How does a social impact activist end up at the world's largest social network? How do we balance being a big fish in a small pool vs. a small fish in a big pool? Joanne Sprague channels what she's learned in her journey, from international development and social justice to the big pool at Facebook.

Episode Notes

THE IMPACT. Joanne Sprague has a deep background in social impact, from the Peace Corps to international development to LGBT-ally-ship at Friendfactor. She now manages social impact partnerships with Facebook, where her work includes initiatives from making the platform more effective for nonprofits to leveraging VR as a medium for empathy and connection.

THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore:
The link between business and social change
Changing minds and hearts online and offline
Being a big fish in a small pool vs. a small fish in a big pool
The importance of staying uncomfortable