Impact Journey with Julia S

A veteran and a novice at the same time - Robert Nuttall of M&S, BBC, Fortitude

Episode Summary

After decades in traditional corporate roles, Robert Nuttall found himself creating a groundbreaking sustainability program at Marks & Spencer. He shares what he's had to learn and unlearn.

Episode Notes

THE IMPACT. Robert is:
-My colleague at Fortitude Partners, helping ambitious companies create real value for society.
-At Marks & Spencer, on the pioneering team that created Plan A, the groundbreaking sustainability program.
-Founder of the Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability practice at the communications group Engine.
-Formerly in Corporate Communications leadership roles at companies like the BBC and GSK.

THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore:
"No one of us knew what we were doing": starting a sustainability program in the early days, and how sustainability is similar to the internet
"Years of fairly pointless work": coming to sustainability later in the professional life
"This feels fundamentally different": sustainability as a secret superpower for org transformation
"Having no fear": later in the career, speaking truth to power, calling out CEOs
"Learning and unlearning": humility, the best ideas can come from people half your age