Impact Journey with Julia S

Doing more by taking less credit - Eco-educator Julie Beretta

Episode Summary

International eco-educator Julie Beretta is making it fun to care for the environment. We explore a different form of leadership, one that includes getting more done by taking less credit.

Episode Notes

THE IMPACT. Julie unites environmental consciousness and education. She has taught kids in Indonesia about plastic recycling, worked in urban agriculture in Mexico City, and is now Community Manager at the innovative eco-grocery chain La Recolte in Quebec that's making bulk shopping beautiful and chic.

THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore:
-How teenage rebellion is different when you grow up among environmentalists
-Finding a like-minded community and still pushing the envelope
-A different type of leadership and influence, setting the ego aside. I'm reminded of the Harry Truman quote: "It's amazing what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit."
-Dealing with people who resist, respecting the system
-"The mango" meeting management system