Impact Journey with Julia S

Getting people to care by making it easy to act - Tara Norton of BSR

Episode Summary

A challenge most of us face in sustainability is getting people to care. This is especially difficult in supply chains, where companies are buying products & raw materials from halfway around the world. Tara Norton has focused her career on supply chain sustainability, and helps answer how to get regular people in regular companies think about how something is made.

Episode Notes

-Leads the global supply chain sustainability practice at BSR, the global nonprofit sustainability network and consultancy
-Directed supply chain work at 2degrees, the sustainability collaboration platform
-Was general manager of Sedex, the world's largest nonprofit sustainable supply chain membership organization and database

THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore:
-Growing up in consumerism yet becoming curious where things come from
-The head, heart, hands - awareness doesn’t mean people will care; you have to build the process
-Managing knowns and unknowns… and could blockchain be the bridge?
-Raising the next generation of sustainability leaders

Tara’s blog posts on supply chains as connections between people, knowns and unknowns
The books Tara referenced: No Logo by Naomi Klein, Children’s book Where did my clothes come from