Impact Journey with Julia S

Creating global awareness & getting your hands in the dirt - Filippo Bozotti, Filmmaker-Activist-Farmer

Episode Summary

Filippo Bozotti is a social and environmental activist from the global to the local level. We explore the beauty of thinking big picture with your hands in the dirt, and how to stay motivated while being (sometimes ruthlessly) realistic.

Episode Notes

Filippo Bozotti has been at the front lines across big social and environmental issues from many angles. He is also one of the most cynical changemakers I know, and has a unique perspective on staying both motivated and realistic.

THE IMPACT. Filippo has worked:
-globally, raising awareness as a documentary filmmaker on issues like blood diamonds
-locally, quite literally getting his hands in the dirt at Tribewanted, an eco-community in Italy
-regionally, organizing with Italia Che Cambia to create a vision for Italy 2040.

THE JOURNEY. Some highlights from our conversation:
“you need to see the change in your face”
"I have failed more times than I've succeeded"
“people will change when they’re ready to change”
“climate change work is an incredibly difficult process that’s multigenerational”
“I will tell my children I tried to be part of the solution”

You can follow Filippo on twitter @filippobozotti,
his farm and ecotourism work at Tribewanted,
and his activism at Italia Che Cambia.