Impact Journey with Julia S

Uphill battle to downhill urgency - Aron Cramer, CEO of BSR

Episode Summary

From getting locked out of buildings to convening leaders on global challenges, BSR CEO Aron Cramer recounts his impact journey through the past decades in sustainable business.

Episode Notes

THE IMPACT. Aron is:
- Recognized globally as an authority on sustainable business
- CEO of BSR, or Business for Social Responsibility, the long-running sustainability network and consultancy, where he advises senior executives on social and environmental issues
- On advisory boards at Marks & Spencer and SAP, and previously also at AXA, Shell, and Nike
- Director of the Natural Capital Coalition, the International Integrated Reporting Council, and We Mean Business

THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore:
- How sustainability in business has evolved in the last 25 years
- A shift in business, from sitting on the sidelines to taking a stand on global challenges
- Balancing urgency and patience
- Transforming the individual vs. the organization
- Leading from the head vs. from the heart
- Overcoming fear with faith in the future

A big thanks to Aron. You can follow his work on and on Twitter @aroncramer.