Impact Journey with Julia S

We all want to be seen and heard - Pamela Kerpius, Migrants of the Mediterranean

Episode Summary

A day at the beach on Lampedusa in Italy changed Pamela Kerpius’ life and career. Seeing how migrants were treated and finding herself complicit, she began the humanitarian storytelling organization Migrants of the Mediterranean to help humanize the migration crisis.

Episode Notes

THE IMPACT. Pamela is:
-Founder of Migrants of the Mediterranean, a humanitarian storytelling organization working to document and humanize today’s migration crisis
-A journalist and copywriter, with a M.A. in Cinema Studies from New York University and B.A.s in History and English from the University of Colorado

THE JOURNEY. In our conversation, we explore:
-How a trip to Lampedusa island changed Pamela’s life and career
-The simple power of a conversation with another human, especially when that human is a migrant at the margins of society
-How telling the stories of others helped her connect to and write her own story

Listen to her conversations with migrants on her podcast Open Encounters.